The Half-life of Love

(Lo, atomic number 119)


I’m leading a study, I need to assess

the half-life of Love and effects of excess.

My study comprises a cohort of one;

she Loved but she lost, and is rather undone.


She took a full dose, then a second and third;

she chose full immersion, she was undeterred.

She wasn’t concerned with the rate of decay

or the unstable properties Love might display.


The covalent bonds of her isotope’s atoms

were broken so sharply, it wobbled her stratums.

The subsequent oxidisation was fast;

she was thrown to the floor by the force of the blast.


The first phase a vivid release of emotion,

a radioactive, reactive commotion.

But such cataclysm has now given way

to a much slower, more stable beta decay.


Initial and brief observations suggest

that disintegration has slowed to a rest.

But when will the element be gone forever?

I’m pretty convinced that the answer is never.


26 May 2017

Author: Circa Mea Pectora

Amateur wordsmith

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